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We have chosen some of the world's leading and most established brands, offering style, performance comfort, value for money and peace of mind with back up services and warranties.

Glenelg Cycles offers the following brands: Avanti, Giant, EMC2, Specialized & Raleigh.

Our bike range covers:-

Children's- 18 months onwards

BMX - beginner to dirt jumper

Hybrid - suits leisure/commuting/paved surfaces. It has adjustable handlebars, suspension seat pole, suspension forks and road tyres.

Comfort Mountain - suits paved surfaces/smooth dirt trails. It has hybrid features but with mountain bile wheels with road/trail tyres.

Mountain Bike - suit leisure to off road extremes

Sport Road - flat handlebar racing style bike offering speed and comfort.

Road Racing - entry level through to elite.

Women's - specific women's bikes are available throughout all categories

For more information on which bike will suit you please call us on (08) 8294 4741 or email us at